Smoking and Vaping

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The jury is out on the safety of vaping. There is not enough research out to determine this information. It is not water vapor that is being inhaled, but an aerosol vapor. Illnesses linked to e-cigarettes include triggers asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and ear, nose and throat irritation.

E-cigarette vapors have not been proven safe to inhale. It is not FDA regulated so there is no way for users to know how much nicotine
other potentially harmful chemicals they are inhaling. One of the chemicals in the e-cigarette, is called propylene glycol, the main ingredient in antifreeze for your car. It is used to liquefy the nicotine. Remember, the nicotine is addictive. It also contains glycerin, which is also a cause for concern when you inhale this into your lungs. They have also added all kinds of candy and fruit-flavored products to the liquid to entice young people to try it, like cotton candy, cookie dough, bubble gum, tutti-fruitti, etc.

The legal age to buy e-cigarettes is also 18 years old. Many states have also banned vaping in public places. RI has not passed the law banning it yet.

Many airlines have banned them from being carried in checked luggage, but allow them to be carried on. There have also been several incidences of checked luggage catching on fire, due to e-cigarettes that have accidentally overheated.

As of 3/12/15, there are 19 chemicals that have been found in e-cigarettes and some of them are cancer causing. Yes, it is true that there are less hazardous compounds in them than there are in regular cigarettes, but why would you want to put anything poisonous or toxic in your body at all? There are always risks when you inhale anything other than fresh, clean air into your lungs. What are the long-term effects of breathing this vapor into the lungs regularly?… one know the answer to that.